Questions asked if Carlow Town bus could turnaround at hotel instead of Tyndall College

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Questions have been asked if the Carlow Town Bus Service could have a stop and turnaround facility at the Woodford Dolmen Hotel instead of Tyndall College. 

Cllr Andrea Dalton raised the matter at the October meeting of Carlow Municipal District when members were getting a presentation on the Carlow Town Bus Service from the National Transport Authority. 

Cllr Dalton asked if the Woodford Dolmen Hotel had "made approaches about it being the final stop on the Kilkenny Road".

The bus service as currently designed will have turnaround facilities at The Dome, Tyndall College on the Kilkenny Road, MSD and the Wexford Road Business Park. 

In response, representatives from the NTA said that the hotel currently has "no existing turning facilities" and there is no way of getting people off and on the buses safely at the location.

They added that the hotel would have to provide facilities on their own property for it to be considered and the NTA said they would be happy to work with them on the matter. 

During that presentation they also revealed that the fares for an adult using either of the two routes would be €2 for an adult single cash fare which would be €1.40 on the Leap card. 

A child single will cost €1.20 or 84 cents on the Leap card.