'They were in bad shape,' Council praised after work on trees in Borris playground

Tree removed recently over 'imminent danger to public safety'

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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The playground in Borris

"They were in bad shape," said Cllr Willie Quinn as he praised the Council after the work they carried out on trees in Borris playground recently.

Carlow County Council engaged a contractor to work on two trees in Borris.

One tree was removed entirely and the other pruned.

Cllr Quinn was speaking at the full meeting of Carlow County Council and he added: "Great job on the removal of the tree."

The Council said: "It is with regret that any of these trees are removed but following an assessment by a professional the tree to be removed has been deemed as an imminent danger to public safety.

"Carlow County Council will replant two trees to replace the one that will be removed. "