Revealed: Council investigating the cause of a number of collisions on Carlow bridge

The local authority have received funding to carry out the works

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow County Council is investigating the cause of a number of collisions on Boggan Bridge on the N80, Carlow Live can reveal.

Following the upgrading of the vehicle restraint barrier undertaken in 2017 as part of the Leinster Bridge Rehabilitation works, a number of vehicles collided with the barrier. 

To replace the damaged barrier, the local authority submitted a bid and received approval from the Funding Authority to undertake urgent remedial measures. 

The contract was tendered and awarded with works completed in May. 

Subsequently, the Council requested funding from Transport Infrastructure Ireland to undertake an assessment of this section of road to determine the cause of the collisions. 

This work is currently underway and based on the findings of the report, additional works may be required.