Carlow company receives Irish Heart Foundation award and it's no surprise which one


Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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MSD in Carlow

One Carlow based company and workplace was awarded for prioritising their employees' heart health at the Irish Heart Foundation's Happy Heart Healthy Eating and Active@Work Awards in the Gibson Hotel.

Heart disease and stroke are among Ireland’s leading causes of death. However, we know that 80% of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable through a healthy lifestyle.

Most adults spend approximately 60% of their waking hours at work, therefore workplaces can play a key part in promoting and offering healthier food choices and physical activity programmes.

The Irish Heart Foundation has been supporting healthy workplaces for over 20 years, and through the awards, recognises their efforts for prioritising employees’ heart health. 

The Healthy Eating Award programme assists staff restaurants in adopting healthier cooking practices and providing healthier food choices with the aim of making the healthier choice the easier choice for employees.

There are three levels of achievement; gold, silver and bronze, which are aligned to the Irish Heart Foundation and Department of Health’s Healthy Eating Guidelines.

This year, Merck Sharp & Dohme MSD - Carlow was awarded a Gold Irish Heart Foundation Happy Hearts Healthy Eating Award.

MSD, known as Merck in the United States and Canada, is a leading research-driven healthcare company.

It is recommended that people get 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity at least 5 days of the week, but this does not cancel out the damage caused to our health by sitting for long periods of time.

The Active@Work Award aims to get more employees more active on a continuous basis, rather than just organising a once off activity event, and promotes a culture of physical activity and long-term sustainable programmes.

Presenting the awards alongside Karl Henry, Health and Fitness Expert, Broadcaster and Author, Tim Collins, CEO of the Irish Heart Foundation, said: "We are awarding 102 companies with Happy Heart Healthy Eating and Active@Work Awards.

"A great way to tackle heart disease and stroke is through workplace wellbeing initiatives such as healthier food promotion, provision in the workplace and sustainable physical activity programmes."

The Irish Heart Foundation’s Happy Heart Healthy Eating and Active@Work Awards are supported by the HSE and Healthy Ireland.

If your company is interested in the Irish Heart Foundation’s Happy Heart Healthy Eating Awards, contact the health promotion team on 01 668 5001 or