Councillor posts picture from concerned parent of package found in Carlow garden

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow Carlow Carlow

CREDIT: Cllr Andy Gladney

A councillor has posted a picture from a concerned parent over a package found in the front garden of a house in Bagenalstown. 

Cllr Andy Gladney shared the image above on social media and said: "I have been asked to share this picture from a very concerned parent.

"This package was found in someone's front garden in Gleann Na Bearu. The bag was handed over to the Gardaí who believe it may be some kind of drugs.

"The family were concerned as only for it was quite a wet few days their kids would most definitely have picked it up.

"Please make your kids are aware to never pick up anything like this, if they find it, tell a parent."