Revealed: Over 1,700 people in Carlow are in receipt of the Carer's Support Grant

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Darren Hassett


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Up to 1,735 carers in Carlow are in receipt of the Carer's Support Grant, Carlow Live can reveal. 

In a Parliamentary Question, Fianna Fáil's Niamh Smyth asked the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection for the number of persons in receipt of the respite care allowance by county.

Minister Regina Doherty provided figures on Carer's Support Grants, by county, up to the end-October of this year which showed that there are 1,735 people in Carlow in receipt of the grant. 

The Carer's Support Grant is worth €1,700 and is available to all carers providing full-time care to an older person or a person with a disability, regardless of their means or social insurance contributions.

The grant is paid automatically to carers who are receiving Carer's Allowance (whether full rate or half rate), Carer's Benefit, or Domiciliary Care Allowance.