Contract tendered for community-led design statement for 'important' area in north Carlow

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Carlow County Council's Local Enterprise Office has tendered a contract for a community-led design statement for an "important" area in north Carlow. 

The LEO office promotes and supports micro enterprises and people thinking of starting their own business around the county. 

The main supports are business information services, training, mentoring, business networks and financial supports for qualifying businesses.

As part of the work on special projects it is procuring the services of a provider for facilitation and development of a "community-led village design statement" for Hacketstown. 

The Council says in its tender that "Hacketstown is an important rural settlement in Carlow and records a population of 597 in the 2016 Census". 

Bidders have until January 23 to make their application.