Holy crap! Over 600 tonnes of wastewater generated at the Ploughing site

The Ploughing is coming back to Carlow in 2020

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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The site in Carlow CREDIT: Google Maps

A total of 640 tonnes of wastewater was generated at the Ploughing site in Balllintrane last year, Carlow Live can reveal.  

The 2019 Ploughing in Carlow had the "highest ever attendance" in the history of the event, according to the National Ploughing Association. 

Day 3 attendance figures for the 88th Ploughing Championships were 81,000 which brought "the total figure for the three days to 297,000, the highest ever attendance at the event".

A report by the Council says the wastewater generated over the three days was delivered to Mortarstown Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment over the duration of the event.