Connolly's SuperValu spearheading environmental change in retail sector


Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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A great initiative!

Connolly's SuperValu in Bagenalstown is spearheading environmental change in the Irish retail sector, as it partners with the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland), who have provided funding for community upgrade projects.

This involved the Building Sustainable Communities initiative in Connolly's SuperValu and the local area. The ambitious aim of this initiative is to reduce energy costs, fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions year on year.

The SEAI Building Sustainable Communities initiative called on Connolly's SuperValu to identify and upgrade areas of their own store operations which could be made more energy-efficient, in keeping with high standards of renewable energy usage.

Sustainability has always been a key priority for store owner Michael Connolly, and his entire team at Connolly's SuperValu, who have continuously made advancements to add to the store's sustainability credentials and reduce its carbon footprint.

This year the store installed all-new energy-efficient refrigeration units and upgraded lighting to an LED system.

These measures focused on reducing energy consumption, which not only brings down the cost of the store's energy bills but also highlights a passion for greener operating practices.

As well as focusing on its store, Connolly’s SuperValu pinpointed a community building in the area to donate funds towards the upgrading of its facilities.

The lucky community organisation in receipt of substantial financial contribution, in excess of €53,000, was Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre.

They installed a new heat pump, a new LED lighting system and solar PV panels in their premises, resulting in savings of €3,000 year on year from their energy bill which is the equivalent to powering 3 homes for a year

Speaking in relation to the SEAI Building Sustainable Communities initiative, Mr Connolly, owner of Connolly's SuperValu, said: "Here at Connolly’s Supervalu we have an ongoing commitment to creating a sense of togetherness and energy reduction within our local communities.

"We firmly believe that this should begin in our own store. We hope that our contribution and that of the SEAI, who we are delighted to partner with, helps Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre to generate much-needed savings, that will allow them to continue the fantastic work.

"Thanks to our complete refrigeration and LED lighting upgrade, we’re now beginning to enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of choosing a more sustainable energy solution, as we continue to embrace a greener future."

Connolly's SuperValu is one of 13 SuperValu and Centra stores across Ireland who rolled out the Building Sustainable Communities initiative.