'I'll keep you updated without any hype,' says Carlow forecaster ahead of cold snap

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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CREDIT: Carlow Weather

"I'll keep you updated without any hype," says Carlow forecaster, Alan O'Reilly, ahead of a cold snap next week. 

According to www.carlowweather.com, there is lots of uncertainty on the weather charts. 

The weather will be "very windy on Saturday with some strong gusts and feeling cold again, mainly dry though with any rain confined to Northern areas".

Alan added: "A band of rain will move up from the south Saturday night and fall as sleet and snow on higher ground.

"Sunday will feel bitterly cold with mix of bright spells and showers.

"Lots of uncertainty beyond Sunday but a brief cool spell for Monday and Tuesday looks likely.

"I’ll keep you updated without any hype."