Carlow Specsavers holding Audiology Open Day for locals to prioritise hearing health


Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Specsavers in Carlow is hosting a walk-in Audiology Open Day on Tuesday, February 11.

The Specsavers team will host a representative from hearing aid experts Phonak, who will be on hand to meet with locals, discuss any hearing issues they may be having and offer free hearing tests.

Audiologist at Specsavers Carlow, Carol O’Neill, stresses that the speed of deterioration and the effects can often be reduced with hearing protection and early intervention.

She said: "Hearing aids work to enhance your existing hearing so early detection and intervention is crucial. 

"Untreated hearing loss can have far-reaching implications beyond hearing and has been linked to feelings of depression, frustration and anxiety.

"Our representative from hearing aid brand Phonak will provide customers with professional audiology advice and determine a suitable type based on your lifestyle and hearing needs."

Carol, together with her professional audiology team, will also be on hand carrying out demonstrations using the latest technology in an effort to remove stigmas around the wearing of hearing aids and offering hearing screenings to customers.

Carol added: "Common misconceptions around hearing aids can discourage people from initially seeking treatment and wearing the devices.

"The truth is that modern hearing aids can be discreet, can improve both hearing loss and overall quality of life, but are also cost effective at Specsavers stores.

"We have an extensive range of hearing aids featuring the newest innovations, with highly trained hearing healthcare professionals that will help you pick the right device for you. With PRSI benefits, cost doesn’t need to be a major concern."