Council carrying out a rent review for all social housing tenants and penalty rents apply

Be advised!

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Carlow County Council is currently carrying out a rent review for all tenants - HAP tenants, RAS tenants and social housing tenants.

Completed review forms must be returned to the Council on or before Friday, February 28 of 2020.

Failure to complete the form or supplying incorrect information will result in Carlow County Council applying a penalty rent of €180 per week until the form is returned to the Council or the incorrect information is corrected.

Penalty rents will NOT be waived later.

If you have not received a rent review form and believe that you should have done so or if you have any queries phone the following numbers at the Housing Department:
HAP Tenants 059 9136244 or 9136270.
RAS Tenants 9170370.
Social Tenants 9136210 or 9170367.