China records no new cases since the first Covid-19 outbreak

Michaela O'Dea


Michaela O'Dea

China has recorded no new cases of Covid-19 (coronavirus) since its initial outbreak in the Hubei province. 

This contrast comes as Ireland is in its infancy stages of the virus and has a mere 366 confirmed cases compared to other regions.

In total, approximately 81,000 people contracted the virus in China. Hospitals were erected in order to handle the volumes of patients who had the virus. 

China achieved this through isolation and strict quarantine of over 40 million people, health checks, boarder closures and little to no public gatherings. 

Life has slowly started to return to normal for citizens in China, but there are fears that this could spark a second wave of the virus as 7,263 still have the coronavirus in China.

Flights begin to return to China as almost 20,000 people travel to the nation, however Beijing and other areas are requiring international travelers to quarantine for 14 days before entering.

Hubei authorities have announced the partial opening of boarders to allow those considered low-risk move within the zones and travel to other residencies or jobs, this is the first action of its kind thus far.