Calls for hazard pay for all frontline Council staff in Carlow during Covid-19 lockdown

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow Carlow Carlow

CREDIT: Carlow County Council Community Information

Council staff across local authorities in Ireland are "working tirelessly to ensure essential services keep working and that no one gets left behind during this crisis", says Carlow councillor. 

Cllr Adrienne Wallace has called for hazard pay for Council staff on the frontline.

She said: "Council workers are doing the bravest thing any worker can do during this crisis. They should be rewarded with hazard pay for keeping essential services running when we need them most.

"Moreover, we in People Before Profit believe that Council staff, be they cleansing, housing, refuse workers and others, should be designated as essential, even after this crisis is over, and paid a wage they deserve."

Cllr Wallace added: "Our People Before Profit councillors across Ireland, North and South, are jointly making this call to ensure frontline staff are rewarded and properly valued.

"Central government must immediately financially assist local councils to cover lost revenue in order to maintain all essential services and to pay council workers real living wages."