Stop littering! 'Filth and dirt' being reported on the River Barrow in Bagenalstown


Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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CREDIT: Cllr Arthur McDonald

Stop littering!

"Filth and dirt" is being reported on the River Barrow in Bagenalstown.

Cllr Arthur McDonald has highlighted the issue and said it "really isn't nice to see cans, rubbish, black bags" on the river and especially at Reas Lough. 

The local representative has contacted Waterways Ireland and the Council. 

"With the Covid-19 it's much harder to get the manpower and other jobs have to be done but they [the Council] have told me this will be cleaned.

"I ask for the small minority of people that are littering to stop and think of our beautiful river that we are so lucky to have or if anyone witnessed littering to report it," he added.