Take A Part Carlow have taken up the challenge to create an online drawing programme


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Darren Hassett



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#LoveToDraw Ireland is a project developed by Voluntary Arts Ireland in partnership with Take A Part Carlow, Glucksman Gallery Cork and Artlink Donegal.

It will involve artist-led drawing workshops with a range of community groups and an exhibition showcasing the visual results at an exhibition in the Glucksman Gallery during November 2020.

The physical workshops were due to take place during May and of course these have been postponed. Workshops have instead been provisionally scheduled for autumn 2020.

However, work will continue in Carlow with #LoveToDraw through the community arts partnership “Take A Part Carlow” who have taken up the challenge to create an online drawing programme. 

Led by artist Eilish Langton, this programme is located in the heart of the community and aims at reaching out beyond. 

It is a based-on community development principles and participation in thinking up ways to engage all the community with alternative artistic practices.

The objective is to create art that represents the community that will live on beyond the art project.


There are many challenges to audience engagement for organisations who want participation at the heart of their activities such as: time, work, confidence and attention, however during this challenging time we seem to be have lots of time and this project is perhaps coming at a very important period in all our lives.

Selected Participants will receive a “Take A Part Carlow Art Pack”. The Take A Part Carlow art pack will enable participants to engage and collaborate more easily.

When participants receive the pack, they begin to access a series of online workshops, designed and lead by Eilish.

In this instance the work can be a mixture of drawings, nature studies and doodles based on projects they have taken part to date or it could be a response to what they are observing during their quarantine.

They can be accompanied with statements, sentences, sound bites or what they would like to do/learn in the future with Take a Part Carlow.

Over time the project will collate the uploaded responses. These final works may go on exhibit in public and form part of a future project with Voluntary Arts Ireland, #LOVETODRAW IRELAND.

For more details please see www.takeapartcarlow.com