Gardaí send walkers and motorists home from St Mullins over travel restriction breaches

Be advised!

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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CREDIT: Carlow/Kilkenny Gardaí

Gardaí have sent walkers and motorists home from St Mullins over breaching the travel restrictions during lockdown. 

They are reminding people to continue to adhere to the 5km exercise rule.

Gardaí in Graiguenamanagh were monitoring the number of vehicles in beautiful St Mullins on Saturday where numerous vehicles were registered outside the 5km distance.

A number of walkers were also sent home as they were exercising outside their permitted area.

Gardaí will continue to monitor vehicles and persons in the area who are breaching the 5km rule and engage, educate and encourage people to adhere to the restrictions.

They added: "This Phase is critical for our country, there has been a high compliance to date and this has contributed to the country moving to this new phase and we want to thank the public for that compliance but compliance with the update guidelines must be maintained. Thank you."