'Disappointing,' anger over no notice being given for weir works on the Barrow Track

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Carlow Carlow Carlow

CREDIT: Cllr Tom O'Neill

A Carlow councillor has expressed his "disappointing" that no notice was given by Waterways Ireland for structural repair works on a weir on the River Barrow.

Cllr Tom O'Neill said: "I was disappointed to go for a walk recently and find the pathway blocked by Waterways Ireland.

"While I fully understand works need to carried out here, I’m disappointed that no notice was given.

"I contacted Carlow County Council and was informed that they too were not notified. As the sign says it's temporary I just hope with the good weather and long weekend ahead I hope that this work can be done speedily.

As I walked this way [on Wednesday], there were numerous people out walking/cycling. Let's hope common sense prevails here and this walkway can be restored in the not too distance future."

The works are being carried out near Bestfield canal, the sign says, to carry out structural repairs to an overflow weir.