WARNING: Emergency services attend gorse fire in Carlow that was started by a BBQ

Be advised!

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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CREDIT: Carlow Fire Services

Emergency services have attended a gorse fire in Carlow that was started by a BBQ.

Carlow Fire Services said: "While we all are enjoying this spell of good weather, please remember that there is still a red forest fire warning in place."

Carlow Fire Brigade on Tuesday afternoon dealt with a gorse fire close to a popular swimming area on the River Burrin in Carlow Town.

They added: "Any guesses as to the cause of this fire?

"Please enjoy outdoor cooking in suitable domestic barbeques from the comfort of your back garden and refrain from lighting fires in outdoor areas where there is potential for fires to get out of control....it would also be appreciated if people cleaned up after themselves too!"

Check out the image below: