Harry Dunne at IT Carlow among ten finalists in Student Entrepreneur Awards

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Darren Hassett



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Harry Dunne at IT Carlow is among ten finalists in Enterprise Ireland's third-level Student Entrepreneur Awards.

Enterprise Ireland has selected 10 finalists with an innovative business idea, technology or solution to compete for this year’s 39th Student Entrepreneur Awards, which are co-sponsored by Cruickshank, Grant Thornton and the Local Enterprise Offices.

The finalists from third level institutions nationwide, will compete for several awards such as the Cruickshank High Achieving Merit Award, the Grant Thornton Emerging Business Award and the Local Enterprise Office ICT Award.

The overall winner will share in a €35,000 prize fund as well as receive mentoring from Enterprise Ireland to develop the commercial viability of their concept.

The winners will also share in a €30,000 consultancy fund that will enable them to turn their ideas into a commercial reality.

This year’s winners will be announced during a live virtual event on Friday, June 12 next.

PROFILE: bitherit – Harry Dunne – IT Carlow

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Richard Murphy, Manager LEO Support, Policy & Co-ordination Unit, Enterprise Ireland said: "For almost forty years, the Student Entrepreneur Awards have been recognising young innovators and helping to nurture their talent by extending access to the supports necessary to achieve entrepreneurial success.

"We are so pleased with the quality of the applications that we received this year and to whittle it down to 10 finalists was a challenge.

"It is clear that students in Ireland are continuing to become more focused and ambitious. The Irish third level institutions are doing tremendous work to support these students abilities.

"A great number of this year’s applicants have identified challenges across a range of sectors and provided solutions to overcome them.

"Nurturing this talent and helping to foster that entrepreneurship is essential not just to turn ideas into thriving businesses but to help drive Ireland’s global reputation in business.

"I encourage all those that didn’t reach the final this year and those that may be interested in coming forward for next year’s awards to tune into the event on June 12th to get some valuable insights.

"It could be the first step on the way to becoming a business leader in 2021."

More information on the Student Entrepreneur Awards can be found on www.studententrepreneurawards.com