'Begging me to breathe' - Woman in Irish ICU speaks of Covid-19 battle

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



'Begging me to breathe' - Woman in Irish ICU speaks of Covid-19 battle

'Begging me to breathe' - Woman in ICU speaks of Covid-19 battle

An Midlands paramedic has spoken about her battle with Covid-19 from the ICU department of the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore.

Taking to social media on Monday, Paula King Delaney said: "Covid is real and a heartless b**tard.

"I'm starting my third week of a battle with it. As most of you know I'm a paramedic and contracted it from my job. I thought I was always careful but it's odourless, tasteless, invisible and doesn't discriminate against anyone," she warned.

"I'm in ICU in Tullamore hospital battling this. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be saying this. I was told today [Monday] I shouldn't have made it through Friday without a ventilator but I'm being looked after by the most amazing people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting; the Covid ward and ICU staff of Tullamore. 

"These strangers have gone above a beyond to literally hold me while I couldn't hold my own head to even breathe. When I felt I couldn't go on another minute they fought for me.

"Doctors banging on my window while physios and nurses held me, begging me to breathe so they didn't have to tube me. Fighting to give me any meds they could to save me. 

"Through my darkest hours the texts, calls, well wishes flooded in because it has to be done without your loved ones. I've never been so scared, lonely or depressed as I've felt through this battle but yet so loved and held by the amazing nurses, doctors, carers, physios, care attendants and porters. 

"Making sure there wasn't more they could do, so selfless each and every one of them. My battle is not over in this but please mind yourselves and each other out there.

"I'm so grateful for all the messages of support, they do make a difference in the darkest hours. Please be vigilant in the fight with Covid," Paula concluded.