Beef crisis talks to reconvene next Monday with one issue left to be discussed

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Carlow Live Reporter


Carlow Live Reporter



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Following recent beef crisis talks there were three outstanding issues between opposing parties, however, an agreement in principle has been made on two of the outstanding issues. 

A document was circulated to beef plan members after the recent meeting between major stakeholders within the beef industry, highlighting the issues outstanding between parties.

Stakeholders in attendance at the meeting included; representatives of Meat Industry Ireland (MII), Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed, and representatives from farming bodies such as the Beef Plan Movement (BPM), IFA, ICSA, ICMSA, the INHFA and Macra. 

The three outstanding issues were linked with; live weights, in-spec requirements and verbal agreements. Beef plan confirmed in a statement published on August 14, that an ‘agreement in principle’ had been made on two of the three issues. 

“On foot of correspondence from MII received by close of business today, I can confirm that agreement in principle has been reached on two of the three issues,” a statement read. 

BPM confirmed to members that an agreement was made on live weights, with a unanimous agreement from producer stakeholders that animals should be weighed prior to slaughter.

Beef Plan Movement stated that MII members have committed to providing this lairage weighing service on request, at a nominal charge.

An agreement was also made on written confirmation. Under the agreed terms where an agreement is finalised between the processor and individual supplier on the terms of sale, this can now be confirmed in writing upon request.

The exact mechanism will be decided by individual processors.

Crisis talks are set to reconvene on Monday, August 19, where the third issue (in-spec requirements) will be discussed further.