PICTURE: Gardaí clamping down on illegal hare hunting in neighbouring counties

Anti-poaching operation carried out in the Suncroft/Nurney area over the weekend

Carlow Live Reporter


Carlow Live Reporter



Kildare Gardaí  clamping down on illegal hare hunting

Pic: Kildare Garda Division Facebook

Gardaí in Kildare are clamping down on the illegal poaching of hares and trespassing on farm land.

Kildare Town based Gardaí conducted an anti-poaching operation on Sunday afternoon in the Suncroft/Nurney area.

"Six men were found poaching hare and trespassing on farmland in the Suncroft/Nurney area by Kildare Town based Gardaí. All will now face prosecution," said a Garda spokesperson.

Hare hunting sparked renewed controversy recently following an RTÉ Investigates programme which highlighted the prevalence of the illegal activity, as well exposing issues in the Irish greyhound industry.