EXCLUSIVE: Santa Claus has a very special message for the children of Carlow

The big man has spoken!

Carlow Live Reporter


Carlow Live Reporter



EXCLUSIVE: Santa Claus has a special message for the children of Offaly as Christmas approaches

EXCLUSIVE: Santa Claus has a special message for the children of Carlow as Christmas approaches

Despite the huge demands made on him, he was happy to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to talk about his plans for Christmas and the children of Carlow.

So we are very pleased to speak with our favourite man of the moment, Santa Claus.

What is happening at the moment Santa Claus?
Well, I have received so many letters from the good children in Carlow, which I have had to stay up extra late in the last few nights.  All the elves are working very hard to make sure that everything will be ready for delivery of the presents on Christmas Eve night.
I am hearing very good reports about the children of Carlow from my Santa helpers. The North Pole is very cold, so we have had to wrap up very well.

What advice have you for the children of Carlow, who will be waiting with great excitement on the night before Christmas?
Mammy’s and Daddy’s will want to make sure that you get to bed early, so that you are fast asleep when I arrive.
Last year, I noticed that a few of the children tried to stay awake, but by the time I arrived in the county, it was great to see that all the good boys and girls were fast asleep.

Will the children all get what they want?
This is the biggest problem that I have each year. Normally I will try my very best to get the boys and girls what they want, but sometimes that is not possible. I am very very sorry for this, but I always try my best and will always try. But sometimes you know, the surprise present on Christmas morning, is the best present of them all.

Will you get to write to everybody in time?
Probably not, but the great thing about the magic of Christmas is that I can see every letter written to Santa, even if the children forget to put it in the post.

Will you be hungry?
I am always hungry with having to travel all around the world. Sometimes I get a chance to get a little bite to eat, but a glass of milk. I have been told by Mrs Claus to keep off the sweets and biscuits, but maybe just one or two. Rudolph says that the reindeers are happy with some water and maybe a carrot, but don’t worry, as they are all well fed before they leave the North Pole.

Last words to the children of Carlow?
Make sure and be on your best behaviour. Listen to your parent or parents and remember that some presents are so very expensive, but please enjoy the ones you get. I have seen children in Africa and other poorer countries, who are not as lucky as the children in Carlow. And always remember that there are other children out in the world less well off than you.

Ho! Ho! Ho! and a big Happy Christmas to all the readers and advertisers of the Carlow Live website.
May 2019 bring you lots of joy, happiness and good health.