ALERT: Gardaí warn people about posting locations of Garda checkpoints on social media

Be advises!

Carlow Live Reporter


Carlow Live Reporter


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Gardaí have warned members of the public not to post locations of Garda checkpoints on social media.

The Meath Crime Prevention Page on Facebook said information about Gardaí could be protecting burglary gangs, intoxicated drivers or uninsured motorists.

"Everybody has an opinion on posting the locations of check points and speed vans online. Here is my reason why you should not do this.

"Criminals who have just broken into a premises and stolen the Christmas presents or valuables, have just escaped thanks to you.

"Then you have a person who has had a bit too much to drink... your actions have stopped them getting caught.

"Imagine the next time they go out and get drunk they could end up killing themself or someone else. I wonder how would you feel then?

"Or then you have the uninsured drivers avoiding the checkpoint because of your alerts?

"You may be the very person giving out about your insurance premiums being so high and you wonder why...

"There are many other reasons why you shouldn't post checkpoint locations; so the next time you decide to do a post, think about who you are really protecting?"