REVEALED: Public's view following Barry Cowen sacking




Offaly TD Barry Cowen

Barry Cowen was sacked as Minister for Agriculture

Following Barry Cowen’s recent provisional licence driving controversy, iReach has surveyed adults in Ireland to determine their views on drink driving.

The nationwide survey ran between July 9 and July 15 and received over 1,000 responses from adults on a nationally representative basis.
• 42% of adults in Ireland believed Barry Cowen should have stepped down as TD over the provisional licence driving controversy. 
• Over 2 in every 3 adults (69%) agree that more should be done to reduce the amount of drink driving in Ireland and 70% believe that stricter laws should be enforced for provisional licence holders that are caught driving without another driver present.
• 73% of respondents believe that most people in Ireland drive over the legal limit a lot less now than in the past. However, 1 in 5 (20%) have admitted to driving over the limit or knowing someone who has driven over the limit. 82% of those who have driven over the limit or who know someone that has, have done so numerous times.
• 61% of adults agree that drink driving is a major problem in rural areas, whereas 44% of adults agree it is a major problem in urban areas. 47% of adults agree that drink driving is a major problem among younger adults, whereas 50% believe it is a major problem among older adults.