Weather models continue to hint at possibility that October will end 'on a very settled note'

Many areas will see little or no rainfall

Cathal Nolan


Cathal Nolan


Carlow Carlow Carlow

The weather will remain settled for the most part

The latest run of weather models continues to hint at the possibility that October will end on a very settled note, though feeling rather chilly with nighttime frosts and even a risk of the odd wintry shower. 

The chart below for October 23 really illustrates the general pressure pattern that looks to become established from the second half of this week right up to the end of the month.

During this period we can expect some very pleasant spells of Autumn sunshine, with many areas seeing little or no rainfall. Temperatures by day would range between 9-15 degrees Celsius, but the nights would be cold and frosty.

Towards the end of the month the high pressure centre drifts more towards Iceland allowing for Arctic winds to stream southwards and bring what could be the first wintry showers of the season to the Scottish Highlands, Mourne Mountains, the highlands of Donegal, and the Mayo Mountains.

Such a pressure pattern is also likely to deliver a healthy dose of early season snow also across many Alpine regions of Central Europe and across Scandinavia as well.

Spain and Portugal look more unsettled with a continued risk of some thunderstorms and flash flooding.