Forecast for next week 'uncertain' as models vary in predicting arrival of cold air

It might just hit the UK

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Carlow Carlow Carlow

This model predicts Ireland will get hit hard (Source: Carlow Weather)

The forecast for next week remains a "little uncertain" as three different models show colder air will approach but while some models have the cold arriving around the middle of next week others having it staying mainly out east over the UK.

That's according to and forecaster Alan O'Reilly said if that cold air does arrive it would see day time temps of only around 3C or 4C and risk of hard frosts.

He added: "This wouldn’t be related to the SSW event I mentioned in recent days, any impact from that would be another 10 to 20 days away.

"So for now it’s wait and see what might come next week."

Meanwhile, in the short term, Saturday looks dry with some bright spells too but still a lot of cloud around, up to 9C in light breeze, according to

Sunday will see some more cloud and a risk of drizzle and light rain, up to 10C in very light breeze.

Monday looks a little milder but windy with some showers.