POLL: Is it appropriate to wear pyjamas in shops and public places in Carlow?

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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NO (people should not wear pyjamas in public places and they should be banned from shops)


YES (people should be wearing pyjamas in public places if they want and they should not be banned from shops)


A hair salon has reiterated its stance that people who come in wearing pyjamas will be "turned away without exception".

Portlaoise’s The Blow-dry Parlour wrote on Facebook: "We won’t ever take money that comes from a bra or undergarments. I find it shocking that we even have to post this, but there you are.

"On the plus side, Penneys is just across the road so you could maybe pop over there and invest in grown-up clothes (just a thought)."

Should people be wearing pyjamas in public places and should pyjamas be banned from shops?

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