WATCH: 'The move is on,' Carlow Institute of Further Education's new campus is ready

A sneak peak

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


"The move is on," says Carlow TD Pat Deering with news that Carlow Institute of Further Education's new 10,000 sq mtr campus will be fully up and running for the new school year.

In a post on Facebook, he said: "The move is on - it’s all hands on deck as staff are moving equipment and getting ready for the new term.

"This is a wonderful facility to have in Carlow and I’m delighted to have been involved with Principal Markita Mulvey for the whole journey."

It's August 2019 and it's been 4 years since the ground breaking but they're finally moving in to their new campus. 

This 10,000m2 development features state-of-the art design. 

Student facilities are the centre of the new building, including the learning resource centre, and the café-canteen.