'You should be ashamed,' volunteer posts pictures of disgraceful dumping in Carlow

This is unbelieveable!

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Local volunteer, Eugene Walsh of Cairde An Naduir in Carlow Town, has posted shocking pictures of the latest bout of fly-tipping he has encountered.

Eugene said: "This is the laneway (pictured above) that thousands of Euro was spent on cleaning up tons and tons of litter from a year ago.

"Some people are still dumping to this date. Can anyone recognise the litter or the shop fridges that were dumped?

"It's the lane just before the railway bridge."

He called on people to report the culprits to the Council's environment office if they know who owns the items. 

"Just a handful of people can destroy it for everyone else. You should be ashamed. I will try clean it soon," he added.