Revealed: Over 50% of Carlow pet owners will treat their pets this Valentine's Day

Human inspired products such as Pawsecco for four-legged friends are top of the list

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53% of Carlow pet owners will treat their pets this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Petmania, Ireland’s leading pet specialist retailer, can reveal that 53% of Carlow pet owners will buy their pet a gift. 

In a survey of pet owners from across the country, just over half of those surveyed say that they will purchase presents for their pooches as a way of showing their love.

Emily Miller, Marketing Manager with Petmania, said: "Pets are an integral part of people’s lives and are shown just as much as care and love as their human counterparts.

"Seasonal hallmark holidays are proving increasingly popular with pet parents who invest in their animals’ wellbeing."

Some of the top gifts for Valentine’s Day that pet owners will be treating their pooches to include luxury grooming sessions such as Paw-dicures, Candy Scented Cologne and Blueberry Facials.

Other human inspired products such as Pawsecco for our four-legged friends are also top of the list.

Petmania are also encouraging owners to be mindful of pets when it comes to chocolate as this can be very harmful and can cause vomiting, hyper activity or elevated heart rates.

"There are many reasons why pets will make the perfect alternative date for Valentine’s Day! If you are treating your pet, it is important to make sure that all edible treats are suitable for animals.

"Don’t leave chocolate or sweets near pets unattended. For humans lucky enough to be receiving roses, we’d urge people to de-thorn the stem as pets can bite or swallow sharp or woody spines and this can cause serious infection." said says Ms Miller.

With 12 stores nationwide, Petmania’s range of Valentines Grooming Packages will be available from February 1 to 28 in their Carlow store located in Hanover Retail Park, Carlow Town.