Council spent €230,000 on security last year in Carlow which they say was 'value for money'

Spending last year on security services was up 11% on 2016

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Council's security expenditure revealed

Carlow County Council spent €230,000 on security last year - compared to the €206,000 spent in 2016, according to the Audit Committee Report to Council on the 2017 Annual Financial Statement and Local Government Auditors Report.

Peter Scully, Audit Committee Chairperson, said: "There was no tender process undertaken. There is a OGP framework agreement in place for security services which the Council is not currently using."

In response, the chief executive, Kathleen Holohan, said the Council is satisfied that "value for money" is being achieved under the current arrangements for security services.