Government data reveals a homelessness increase in Carlow for sixth month in a row

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Carlow homeless figures increase again in December

A total of 25 people were homeless in Carlow in December with the number rising for the sixth month in a row, according to the latest figures published by the Department of Housing.


The figures for November show there were 23 homeless people while October data shows there were 19 people without a home at the end of the month in Carlow.

This was an increase from 10 homeless people across Carlow in July, 13 in August and 17 in September.

Emergency accommodation figures for December show that there were collectively 9,753 people living in emergency accommodation across Ireland, a drop of 215 people when compared with November. 

The report, based on data provided by housing authorities, captures details of individuals accessing State-funded emergency accommodation arrangements that are overseen by housing authorities.