'I know of two different homeless people sleeping in vans in Carlow,' says councillor

'It's very distressing,' he said

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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"I know of two different homeless people sleeping in vans in Carlow," Carlow Councillor Jim Deane has said. 

The matter came up at this month's meeting of Carlow Municipal District and Cllr Deane began by asking about homeless people in emergency accommodation over the Christmas. 

He added: "I know of two different people sleeping in vans in Carlow in two different parts of the county. It's very distressing. I passed by one today in a van and that's his home. 

"These cases should be treated urgently and should be treated with compassion. I'm concerned about the slowness in sorting these issues out." 

Housing Officer Josephine Kavanagh said if somebody presents to the local authority it's voluntary, "if they don't engage, we can't force them". 

She said she would talk to Cllr Deane about the cases in the vans and look to address them. 

Ms Kavanagh added that six people were in emergency accommodation over Christmas which is at odds with the latest Government figures for the month of December.