'One car did a kamikaze job and went 200 yards down,' councillors discuss Mt Leinster dangers

'It's only sightseers that will get into bother...'

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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Snow on Mount Leinster (Source: Carlow Weather)

"One car did a real kamikaze job and went 200 yards down the side of the mountain," Bagenalstown area engineer, Jerry Crowley, told members of Bagenalstown Municipal District as they talked about the dangers of snow on Mount Leinster. 

His comments came in response to Cllr Willie Quinn who asked if there was any issue with snow on Mount Leinster this year.

The mountain has been covered in snow in recent weeks and the incident Mr Crowley mentioned is said to have happened at Corribut Gap last week when the car mounted a ditch and went down the side. 

Cllr Andy Gladney said if someone lost their life, Carlow County Council would "be the worst in the world". 

"If there was loss of life it would be ten times worse," he added as members discussed closing the roads up to Mount Leinster in times of heavy snow. 

Mr Crowley said there is "only one road up there really like".

However, Cllr John Murphy asked if it was possible for the local authority to close it and Mr Crowley said it is within the power of the Council but there would be people going up to their stock. 

Cllr Willie Quinn added: "It's only sightseers that will get into bother."