Victims of clamping in Penny Lane car park successful in appeals, councillor claims

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Victims of clamping charges in Penny Lane car park have been successful in their appeals, a councillor has claimed. 

A number of councillors have expressed their concerns about the policy of 24/7 clamping at the private car park on the site of the former L&N car park on Tullow Street. 

The spate of clamping in Carlow was "in breach of regulations" Cllr Andrea Dalton said over a month ago and she urged people to appeal. 

In a post on Facebook this week, she said: "I am delighted to be informed that a number of people have been successful in appealing their clamping charges in the Penny Lane car park due to the breaches of regulation I highlighted.

"I believe the car park is still in breach of regulations so if you know anyone who needs help to appeal please contact me."