'Facebook experts expect somebody to be killed in first week,' new crossing issue raised

The new pedestrian crossing has garnered a lot of discussion online

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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CREDIT: Alan O'Reilly

"The Facebook experts expect somebody to be killed in first week," said Cllr Will Paton has Tullow local representatives discussed the new pedestrian crossing at the Tullow footbridge. 

The matter came up at this month's meeting of Tullow Municipal District and Cllr Paton admitted that he "does not think that it's going to happen [that somebody will be killed or seriously hurt]".

He added that he had spoken to truck drivers who felt they would quite easily see pedestrians on the crossing even from a high but Cllr Paton said it might be a good idea to put in some additional signage.

Cllr John Pender said there was a lot of "disquiet " over the new pedestrian crossing at the footbridge and there is a "genuine fear that someone could be knocked down".

Area engineer, Pat Harrington, gave members an update on the issue and the new footbridge. 

He expects the bridge to completed in the next four weeks and the pedestrian crossing has been installed as it is was in the original design. 

Mr Harrington said there are two safety audits to be carried out and the first one has not highlighted the crossing as an issue but if the second one does they will deal with the matter then. 

Cllr Paton said: "I'm shocked that the predestrian bridge is going to take another four weeks. Even if it was next week I'd be shocked. We were told this would be finished in April. 

"Transport Infrastructure Ireland dropped the ball here."