'Words fail me,' thousands of euro worth of damage done to new social houses in Carlow

This is shocking

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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"Words fail me," said Senator Jennifer Murnane O'Connor after around €20,000 worth of damage was done to new social houses in Carlow.

The vandalism will also mean a five to six week delay in anyone being allocated a house on the Housing List. 

In a post on Facebook, she said: "I am absolutely devastated for local families on the housing list waiting for these houses.

"Tens of thousands in damage to windows and doors, copper pipes yanked from walls, I am devastated for the builder and his hard working crew who were ready to hand these houses in Carraigbrook, Tullow Road over to Carlow County Council for allocation from the Carlow Housing List in a fortnight.

"This incredible wanton vandalism will delay that process by a massive amount of time, time which is precious for those on the housing list waiting for their forever home.

"Local gardaí are now actively investigating this incident, but my heart is broken I worked very hard to ensure the builder and the local authority worked together to deliver good housing for the people of Carlow to see it destroyed overnight words fail me."