Carlow people! Duplicate Electric Picnic 2020 tickets from Ticketmaster confuse fans

Have you been left confused?

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


Duplicate Electric Picnic 2020 tickets confuse fans

Billie Eilish performing at Electric Picnic 2019. Picture: Scott Salt

Duplicate Electric Picnic tickets have been posted out to some customers who bought tickets on the instalment plan.

Some Electric Picnic fans have gotten three copies of the same tickets sent to them in the post in recent days.

It is causing widespread confusion for fans, and concern for anyone buying a secondhand ticket, with a real temptation for fans hoping to sell on their duplicates to Christmas shoppers.

The duplicates have the same code meaning that only the first one at the festival gates may work. 

"Be very careful of buying tickets from people this year. I bought 2 tickets on the instalment plan and I received them last week, then I received them again yesterday and another 2 today. 3 sets of tickets with the same barcodes. 

"Ticketmaster what's going on? There's going to be a lot of dud tickets for next years EP," said Sharon Lynch on the Electric Picnic Banter facebook group.

"So yet again ticketmaster have messed up tickets, which means lots have been sent a 2nd set. Most people are genuine but you will get people who sell on the dodgy tickets. Please be extra careful if buying tickets," warned Catherine Ryan on the page.

"I am now in possession of 6 tickets having only ordered 2 ??????" said Karen O Connor.

Paul Geaney who works in Portlaoise was surprised to receive his duplicates.

"We have been to every Electric Picnic bar two since it started. I bought two tickets on instalment and got them in the post last week. I got home yesterday to another lot of tickets. I assumed they are duplicates, and they couldn't be used but it's going to cause people some confusion," he told the Leinster Express.

Ticketmaster has issued the following statement to the Leinster Express this Wednesday, December 18.

It declined a request to give advice to ticket holders or anyone thinking of buying a secondhand ticket.

"Ticketmaster is aware of a printing issue with a small batch of Electric Picnic instalment tickets whereby tickets were duplicated and dispatched to customers. Ticketmaster is in the process of contacting affected customers directly," a spokesperson said.

Electric Picnic 2020 takes place from September 4 to 6, expanded to a 70,000 capacity with all tickets sold out.