Housing estates 'monitored' in Carlow on waste collection days as part of campaign

Inspection teams out in force

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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Carlow County Council's Environmental Enforcement teams are targeting houses with no bins outside on collection days as part of a 2020 campaign to tackle non-compliance. 

The local authority have said that there were over 500 inspections and subsequent reminder letters last year and "a number of households have failed to engage" with the Council. 

The Council said: "Currently notices are being prepared to initiate proceedings in a number of cases.

"A number of estates are being monitored on collection days to gauge participation in the waste collection service and compliance of waste collectors in operating a three-bin system."

They added: "Where rates of participation are low these will be targeted in the 2020 programme."

Householders are reminded that they are required to retain evidence of participating in a waste collection service or use of an authorised facility.