Carlow/Kilkenny Gardaí on patrol encounter large group of youths on school grounds

Social distancing advice has been reiterated

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Carlow/Kilkenny Gardaí on patrol on Thursday night encountered a large group of youths congregated on school grounds.

In a statement, Gardaí said: "Gardaí on patrol encountered a large group of youths congregated in a school grounds.

"While it is accepted that they feel they were doing no harm and in normal circumstances they weren't we must reinforce the social distancing message.

"We urge parents to explain to their children that congregations of any sort in numbers is not to happen.

"We urge young people to respect the HSE guidelines and maintain their distances.

"It's hard on us all but we must make the sacrifices now. Stay safe."