Access not granted to Perry's for Scarefest events due to lack of 'suitable safety plan'

'In the interest of public safety...'

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Perry's Site on Kennedy Street, Carlow

Access was not granted to the Perry's Site for Scarefest events due to the lack of a suitable "event management and safety plan", Carlow County Council has said in a statement to Carlow Live. 

Tribstock, the ultimate tribute band festival, was due to take place on the Halloween Bank Holiday from October 26-27 at Perry's warehouse on Kennedy Street as part of Scarefest but the venue was changed at the last minute. 

Organisers said it was "due to circumstances beyond our control".

The finale of Scarefest on October 31 was also due to be in the warehouse but it was changed at the last minute and later cancelled. 

The Council have said that access was not granted to the site "in the interest of public safety".

In a statement to Carlow Live about, the Council said: "Carlow County Council in partnership with Fáilte Ireland provide significant support to community led festivals and events under its Festivals & Event Fund which invests over €100k in a variety of activity throughout Carlow.

"In tandem with this, the Council where possible provide other facilities and advice where required.

"The voluntary effort by communities to develop public events should be lauded as the organisation of events involve a variety of elements from marketing, event management, public safety etc.

"In the context of Perry's, the building has been made available for use during 2019 and will continue to be made available for community led events.

"Carlow County Council approved Scarefest permission to utilise Perry's subject to licence which involves active engagement from the promoter around event management and safety.

"Unfortunately, despite active engagement by Carlow County Council, an event management and safety plan suitable for the proposed activities of Scarefest was not provided to the standard required for the proposed activities therefore in the interest of public safety access was not granted."