Carlow TD 'should not have gone with information if it wasn't confirmed by hospital'

Councillor says the claims are 'putting doubt in people's minds' about going to St Luke's

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Independent Councillor John Cassin says Fianna Fáil's Jennifer Murnane O'Connor "should not have gone with information if it wasn't confirmed by hospital". 

His comments come after the Carlow TD refused to answer questions on claims made by her that some Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in St Luke's is "not fit for purpose". 

"They're not the proper gowns that stop infection and it's a worry," Deputy Murnane O'Connor said.

She made the claims on KCLR last week about the standard of PPE at the Carlow/Kilkenny hospital and her comments were immediately refuted by the Ireland East Hospital Group.

In a statement, they said: "No PPE goes into our hospitals which is not infection control approved."

Deputy Murnane O'Connor has not yet acknowledged the hospital's statement despite repeated attempts by Carlow Live to contact her. 

She says she was contacted by healthcare workers who told her that they were not wearing "the correct PPE".

Cllr Cassin has said: "She shouldn't have gone with the information if it wasn't confirmed by the hospital. It is putting doubt in people's minds about going to St Luke's.

"I'm a frontline worker. I'm aware of the standard of PPE required and if I thought for one second it wasn't adequate, I would immediately refuse to wear it and ask for the correct PPE."