'I'm deeply disappointed with what's happening,' concern over works on Tullow footbridge

Councillor says locals are frustrated

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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The existing bridge in Tullow is incredibly busy with traffic

"I'm deeply disappointed with what's happening," Cllr Will Paton told Carlow County Council over works on Tullow footbridge which he says are frustrating locals. 

Cllr Paton was speaking at this month's meeting of the Council and he said a lot of people were disappointed with how the works were being handled and poor communication by the contractors and Transport Infrastructure Ireland. 

"I'm not talking about keyboard warriors. The people complaining to me are in favour of the bridge.

"Both sides are under construction at the moment and the path at the Credit Union side was gone and the path on the museum side was blocked off. 

"Last Wednesday it was impossible to get across the bridge in a safe manner. People don't feel safe crossing. They've also made a dog's dinner of a mix of course and random stonework at the front of Tullow museum," he said. 

Cllr Paton added: "The bridge manager for TII has said he will meet with concerned residents. There's a lack of communication and people don't understand what's happening. 

"I feel disappointed and let down by TII. I know it will be complete in six to eight weeks but the amount of texts and phone calls I'm getting from worried people. I feel like I'm project manager at this stage."

Director of Services, Dan McInerney, said he would take the matter up with the area engineer who will follow up on the issue.