UPDATED: 'Twice crossing with my daughter drivers nearly drove straight through...'

Concerns raised again over new pedestrian crossing in Tullow

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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CREDIT: Alan O'Reilly

A Carlow Live reader has asked "whose genius idea was it to install the new pedestrian crossing so close to the corner on the upgraded Tullow bridge".

Concerns have been expressed in recent weeks over the new crossing at the footbridge.

One Tullow resident previously expressed her concern over crossing by the footbridge in the town saying "it's not gonna be long before that pedestrian crossing has its first victim".

Now another person on social media has this week contacted Carlow Live and said: "Twice crossing with my daughter drivers have nearly driven straight through the crossing as they can't see people waiting to cross."

Area engineer, Pat Harrington, gave Tullow Municipal District members an update on the pedestrian crossing issue recently.

He says the pedestrian crossing has been installed as it is was in the original design. 

Mr Harrington said there are two safety audits to be carried out and the first one has not highlighted the crossing as an issue but if the second one does they will deal with the matter then.