Ambulance waiting time concerns raised again in Carlow after series of long delays around county

Councillors are angry over the problem in Carlow

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Ambulance waiting time concerns been raised again in Carlow after a series of long delays around the county. 

"A 75-year-old man was left waiting 35 minutes on the ground in the rain for an ambulance," Cllr John Cassin claimed last month as he expressed his anger over waiting times in Carlow. 

Cllr Cassin tabled a motion which called on the Health Minister, Simon Harris, to immediately respond and provide necessary funding to the "ambulance crisis in Carlow". 

The motion stated: "The waiting time for an ambulance to arrive after an emergency call is completely unacceptable and Carlow people's lives are at risk." 

"It is completely unacceptable. It took 45 minutes for an ambulance to come an emergency response in Netwatch recently," Cllr Cassin said. 

The motion was passed by a show of hands. 

However, at the December meeting of the Council, after questions from Cllr Cassin as to an update on the issue, it was confirmed by Council officials that no response had been received from the Minister as yet.